100 Mile Goal

post12Since I bought my first Mountain Bike from a Bike Shop in Rochester Hills, Michigan back in 1998 with my entire summer savings of $400 I have had a love for biking.

Over the years, life has evolved with finishing college, getting married, starting a family and a career.

During this time, on and off I have continued my love for biking as often as possible. I was never was able to invest the money in super high end bikes or components. I just needed a solid bike to keep me fit and challenge my strength and endurance.

I always liked staying in shape but there was always something about the ability to push the pedals and hit the technical trails of a mountain bike trail that was a thrill.

Since moving to Texas back in early 2010 and the lifestyle change that came along with it, my riding went on a hiatus and sure enough my body was feeling it. That is why last fall I began riding with a group of friends from my church and discovered a local mountain bike trail near my home. This led to a setting a goal at the beginning of this year to take control of my fitness, nutrition and health once again. Since early February of this year until now I have been able to take in mountain biking once again and even was introduced to road biking (which is a lot more popular here in the flat terrain of Northern Dallas) along with eating right, I was able to lose over 20 lbs and be back to the shape I was when we first moved to Texas.

Now I want to push it to the next level and push myself to have an achievable goal. Ride 100 miles in 1 week.

I know to some people this is a small feat while for others it may seem like a huge achievement. To me it is goal. The first step in any successful effort.

post12bI firmly believe that having personal goals, fitness goals, business goals, career goals, or any goal is the necessary step to succeed. It’s amazing how few people actually make a disciplined effort to not only set a goal but ensure they are able to achieve it. Since I have a full time job responsibility, family, church, and even needing to eat and sleep, 100 miles is achievable in 1 week but it won’t be without an effort to reach it as it has been something that I have never done before.

Hopefully, it will be an inspiration to the person that reads this post or to others that will see my activity in my social graph. Especially due to the fact that I will need to weigh in balancing my insulin dependent diabetes. I need to adjust things in order to know my body and how much I can push it as an organic machine. This x-factor will hopefully be an inspiration to choose something you love to do even if there are obstacles and take it to the next level.

In my case. A 100 mile goal.

Upcoming will be a post where I will journal each day and share my journey. My hope is that once I hit that goal it will lead to an even higher goal. It’s amazing what determination and willingness can do in all walks of life.


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