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Welcome to my personal site. Everyone asks me; “Why cosguru?” The answer is simple. It is the way to pronounce my real name! People call me “Cos” and my last name was always a mystery. I always tell people “Ghiurau” sounds like “guru”. Since 1994 I am immersed in all things digital marketing.

The Start

Cosmin GhiurauMy journey began while attending College for Creative Studies (1994-1998). While there, I wanted to share my portfolio work with everyone I could, so the idea of creating a “homepage” with all of my work was a no-brainer! After self teaching myself the basics of HTML and applying my personality in design. A homepage turned into helping family and friends to create their own websites. After graduating CCS, I held a steady “job” while trying to work on developing my digital marketing skills. I began a local web design company called” vTroy Internet Solutions” that transitioned into a new venture to tackle an emerging technology called “WAP” back in 1999-2000. This new venture was called “JumpEye Creative Media“. Building JumpEye in 2002 into a full service web marketing company, I partnered with a friend from my native country, Romania to expand the company. At the end of 2005 this led to a hard decision to leave the automotive industry (General Motors Styling Studios) to full self-employment. Also, my first major introduction to “online communities” was back in 2002 when I founded and grew the web community; “royouth”, the largest ethnic Romanian youth community. Over the years royouth grew to over 30,000 members and close to 500,000 discussion posts and conversations. For the next couple of years I worked to build my company and online community to a point where it was time to move on to a new venture.

The Agencies

agencyIn 2007 BOSSdev (MartinJay Digital) called me to help them as a Interactive Solutions Architect for a growing agency in the web, casual gaming, application development, and a mix of interactive marketing services. It was a perfect opportunity to join a healthy startup that was already in the space for a couple of years but wanted to strategically bring on board industry experts to continue to grow! This allowed me to connect and work with various account directors and interactive experts at major ad agencies in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and throughout the US, along with opportunities to work with executives and branddDirectors for multiple Fortune 500 companies. While at BOSSdev I became the Social Media Architect for the agency providing strategy and solutions that resulted in measurable success for our client base. As the subject matter expert in Social Media I was given multiple opportunities to speak at conferences, workshops, and webinars.

  • March 2009 – Wrapping your head around the Social Media Phenomenon – Webinar over 2,000 registrants!
  • Feb 2009 – Social Media 202 – Chicago, IL
  • Jan 2009 – Social Media and Measureable Results Workshop – NJ/NYC
  • Dec 2008 – Social Media Marketing Results Workshop – Houston, TX
  • Dec 2008 – Social Media, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – Webinar

The Brands

samsungIn early 2010 I joined Samsung Mobile USA as the Strategic Marketing Manager for Social Media to help build a world class social media organization for a leading global brand. My strategy at Samsung Mobile USA fostered growth of the social channels from 50,000 overall fans to 6MM+ fans in under 2 years while setting a leading standard in the Telecom industry for how to leverage social media to impact overall marketing objectives and ROI.

In May 2012 I obtained an amazing opportunity to lead the Social Media marketing initiatives for a 90+ year old radioshack-cbsbrand in RadioShack. I was responsible to provide thought leadership and social marketing strategy for an organization with nearly 4,000 retail locations and 30,000+ global team members in 27 countries. I directed the multi-channel social media experience for customers from an acquisition, engagement, retention, and advocacy standpoint.  I led the community manager team and agencies to provide world class customer engagement, support, and loyalty.

Currently I’ve settled with my family in the San Antonio, TX area leading Social Media Marketing for USAAan award winning leader in customer service and loyalty for insurance and financial needs of the military and their families.  In this role,  I’m responsible for overall integration of social within the marketing experience and creating measurable business value from social marketing.

Feel free to continue to browse around my personal blog as I share various thoughts. 

SXSWi Exclusive Panel with leads from ATT, Whole Foods, and over 100 brands in attendance.
SXSWi Exclusive Panel with leads from ATT, Whole Foods, and over 100 brands in attendance.
Blogwell Dallas Presentation – Over 100 Fortune 500 Brands in attendance
Blogwell Dallas Presentation – Over 100 Fortune 500 Brands in attendance
Social @ Scale Presentation Fort Worth PR Association