Pure Michigan Statewide Singalong

For those that know me, they know that I was born in Romania, but spent almost my entire life in Michigan. For the past couple of years my life has taken me currently to Texas, but my heart still beats for the great people of Michigan.

I don’t miss the 2 seasons of Michigan (Winter and Construction), the treacherous winters and grey cloudy skies. I do miss the people and memories I had there growing up.

When this video appeared for the first time that I know of this past weekend, I wanted to showcase the video for all of my Michigan readers. For those of you that associate Michigan with urban decay, think again about all of these amazing cities this state has to offer and what makes the people of Michigan pure.

Enjoy and Share below!

p.s. I wish the agency gave a shout out to the City of Troy where I grew up.


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