The Real Like of Social Media

So why is this blog titled “Real+Like”?

As I begin to evolve this blog and keep it true to it’s purpose I want to highlight the meaning behind the title of this blog. Earlier I wrote about the “Death of the Blog” in which I wrote how the blog in it’s essence seems to be dead. There are blogs few and far between that are true to the nature of what an original blog was intended to be. Well, I thought long and hard about the title of this blog to make sure it doesn’t bypass my conviction.

I decided to title it “Real+Like” as I wanted to emphasize the reality that in terms of the online world the word “Like” seems to be ubiquitous and almost to a point, it has lost its value.

When I “like” something in the real world I¬†genuinely¬†have an appreciation for that person or object. Within online and social media this word now should have the same association but in reality it has been cheapened to a currency that depending on the value that the website, Facebook fan page, or item represents it may or may not be valuable at all.

What I want to stand up for with this blog is for it to be a place where the “real like” has value. I want to cover things that are mostly professional in nature to social media, marketing, and advertising in which I am mostly involved with currently. At the same time, still allow some room to share my thoughts on personal admiration for thoughts, ideas, art, and culture.

So when I “like” something, it will have value to myself and hopefully to you as well.

Do you feel the value of a “Like” has diminished?

Basics of a Viral Video

I’m sure you have either clicked on this link because you wanted to find a one box fits all solution or you thought there is no way this person has found the answer. So you want your video to go viral? Read on.

There are many tactics to help encourage a viral video but it really isn’t a sure bet thing to have a video “go viral”. In early 2012 every minute there are over 48 hour of video that is uploaded to Youtube and of those videos there is a tiny percentage of videos that have over 1MM views. So what makes a video go viral? Well, listen to the current Manager of Youtube Trends Kevin Allocca who explains in 3 simple steps on where to get started.

Though this video is almost 1 year old now, the principles are still the same. So next time someone asks you how to get their video to go viral. Tell them to check out this video below: