Tis The Social Season

Lately, I have been reflecting on this past year and how as a professional I deal with social media on a day to day basis and notice throughout all of my social feeds my friends and connections sharing their stories and experiences during a busy time of the year. There are various debates and opinions that are shared as well. During this Holiday season as everyone celebrates various traditional and ethnic Holidays, I reflect on the Holidays through the lens of a Christian and what has the most meaning to me. December 25th, Christmas.

It is a special day in my faith that reminds me of the miracle of the Son of God coming to this earth and becoming a person, a baby, like each and every one of us were when we came into this world. It was a special and historic gift.

There are many debates in our current culture as to how Christ is being taken out of Christmas and how Atheist groups purchase Billboards to take the Myth out of Christmas, I choose to maintain and believe in a Holiday that has been part of American tradition since the birth of our nation. During this time not only do we celebrate the Birth of Jesus, but also take a moment to reflect on the special gifts that we have in our lives that we get to cherish even more during this special day.

post7Leading up to Christmas we decided to start a new tradition with our family to watch older Christmas movies. The main movie that we watched this year was the classic story from Charles Dickens of the Christmas Carol from 1938. It was wonderful to be taken to a time where “Merry Christmas” was a delightful greeting that brought warmth and encouragement.

Too often we get caught up with everything other than the true ‘social’ meaning of Christmas. So this year, unlike years before, as a family we sent out our Christmas cards and finished our Christmas shopping early so we can reflect on what Christmas is all about. To reach out and focus on giving rather than receiving. On spending time with family and friends rather than dreading the travel and stress of the Holidays.

No matter what  you celebrate, ever since mid-to-late 4th century December 25th has been recognized as the day where we remember the story of a baby that was born to a virgin mother to be the Messiah of His people and the world.

I believe that God created me and you to have a relationship with Him. He wanted us to be with Him so He gave his only Son to be born into this world as a gift to seal that relationship and love. Because of this, it is the season of coming together, of growing our natural ability to be a social being with loved ones around us.

I want to remember this season and Christmas as a Social day in which God brought Christ and man together to have an authentic relationship with us so that we can experience that Love and share it with all of our family and friends.

Merry Christmas.

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