Digital Dad Summer Vacation

post4As many people know I am a digitally savvy person. I’ve always loved to be the first one to try out the new gadget, website, service, app, technology, etc. With today’s online socially open culture that we live in, we document every aspect of our lives without stopping to realize that what we are documenting may not be that important and we miss out an truly enjoying that moment.

I recently heard an old wise man say that in today’s easily accessible world of the camera we have photomatuers and photographers. You recognize the photomatuers by their constant raising of the arm with a phone in their hand while taking 100’s of random photos of items that seem insignificant. Whereas a photographer takes his time to find the right composition, the right lighting, angles, shadows, contrast. In doing so it takes him an hour to create a shot that it takes the photomatuer 1 hour to create 150 photos. The photographer appreciates the fine beauty that goes into capturing that moment in time.

As a digital dad like many other digital dads this summer, we are taking our family on vacation and I intent to appreciate the moment and take a different approach from what is normal and realize what is abnormal.

The Normal.

The normal in our society is to be a photomatuer. To constantly take photos, check-in to places, tweet about the food you are eating, Pin the places you want to see and everything else that requires time and attention away from enjoying the moment that you have with your family in what is supposed to be a time of rest and relaxation.

The Abnormal.

The abnormal is to turn off the phone, pull out a point and shoot camera, (not a connected device), have a printed itinerary of places you want to see and activities you want to enjoy during your vacation. Savor the moment of discovering a new restaurant that the locals recommended. Above all, appreciating the fact that this vacation is intended to be a time to rest you mind, body, and spirit while recharging with the ones that matter most.

Decision. Abnormal needs to be normal.

As a digital savvy dad I pledge to be abnormal and enjoy my upcoming vacation with family. Sure enough I will have photos, videos, and memories that I will share after our vacation. Something that as humans we have socially done since the dawn of time. Let’s enjoy our summer vacation and share the memories without the distraction of technology.

Do you agree?

P.S. – This post was scheduled a week ago. I am keeping true to my pledge and have this blog post automatically post while I am enjoying my vacation! Let technology do the work for you!

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