CES for the New Year 2013

The new year is upon us. So far, depending on how optimistic or pessimistic you are, 2013 will be a make or break year in so many ways for many Americans. It’s also fun to note that 2013 is the first time since 1987 that there are 4 different numbers in the calendar year. That in itself should give us hope that things will be different!

In my world, January provides an opportunity to attend the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas January 8-11, 2013. For the tech geek in me, CES is the perfect venue to absorb all  of the new and upcoming technology. To get a hands on experience with what most consumers don’t see until months if not years after it hits the marketplace.


This year, I will be there with our team from @RadioShack as we scope out the edgiest and most innovative technology that RadioShack will be a part of or will share with our current fan base of over 1.7MM social fans on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, and more. We will focus on multiple electronics and new products that we will highlight but more importantly experience what lies ahead for electronics and technology.

Though usually CES is a grinding week of meetings and mass transit traffic, I’m hoping to capture as many golden nuggets of tech as possible, meet up with great people from the industry and capture some great content for our RadioShack fans.

Follow along on RadioShack’s Blog starting Tuesday January 8th, 2013.

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